Richard Berry _ Get Out Of The Car (CD)
No. B8678


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Louie Louie のオリジネーターとしても知られる Richard Berry の編集盤。The Flars の曲を含む全 20曲収録。本盤には Louie Louie は収録されていないのでご注意ください。(CDケースは多少のスレあります)CD

Artist Richard Berry
Title Get Out Of The Car
Format CD
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Year -
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Condition(Jacket) 多少の使用感あります
Condition(A/B) 良好です
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収録曲 1. Rockin' Man
2. Big Break
3. Real Good Lovin' Man (The Flairs)
4. Big John
5. Look Out Miss James
6. I'm Still in Love With You
7. Crazy Lover
8. Next Time
9. One Little Prayer
10. Daddy Daddy (Richard Berry & The Dreamers)
11. I Am Bewildered
12. Get out of the Car
13. Please Tell Me
14. Jelly-Roll (Richard Berry & The Dreamers) 15. Baby Darling (aka Baby, Baby) (Richard Berry & The Dreamers)
16. Pretty Brown Eyes
17. I Want You to Be Mine (What You Do to Me)
18. Mad About You
19. Angel of My Life
20. Yama, Yama, Pretty Mama